November Rotaractor of the Month


Josie Randels

Josie Randels is a sophomore studying microbiology. She was picked to be Rotaractor of the Month because she is always taking the initiative to plan events such as our Local Rake and Run and packaging Halloween candy for Saxton High School. Josie also is always participating and volunteering whenever there is opportunity!

Josie joined MSU Rotaract because she wanted to continue to serve under Rotary after being a part of Interact in high school. Rotaract has helped her grow professionally and focus any extra energy she has on giving back to the community. Her favorite Rotaract experience was running the Valentine’s Day candy gram fundraiser in Holmes Hall last year.

December Rotaractor of the Month


Conner Lai

Conner Lai is a senior studying human biology. He has had a constant positive presence at our meeting and is always asking great questions to our speakers. Connor shows up to a lot of volunteering events to make an impact on the community.

Conner joined Rotaract to find a friendly group of people to do service with. He has met more people with similar values and career goals through Rotaract, and it has educated him on the numerous communities that need help both locally and internationally. His favorite Rotaract experience is the club’s game nights because they really allow for the whole club to have fun and get to know each other.

March Rotaractor of the Month


Emily Zvirbulis

Emily Zvirbulis is a sophomore studying global history. She joined Rotaract this semester and has already shown great initiative within the club while helping with out international project.

She joined Rotaract because she wants to have a career in human rights law and wanted to meet other people passionate about humanitarian issues. She feels Rotaract will give her the opportunity to get hands-on experience with fundraisers and community service projects.

April Rotaractor of the Month


Aavi Bhakta

Aavi Bhakta is a junior studying genomics and molecular genetics. Aavi has been involved with Rotaract for over two years and has always going above and beyond to help in the community and within the club.

Aavi joined Rotaract to get involved in community service events at MSU and in the Greater Lansing community. He also wanted to meet people who would enjoy participating in community service events together, and is happy to have made friends with people on a personal and professional level. Aavi feels Rotaract has helped him by making him more aware of communities not just locally, but internationally that could use our help. He has especially become aware of the great impact the Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project and Peru Clean Water Project has on the world, and how he can help these organizations. He also really enjoys listening to speakers that come into our meetings and talk about their careers and how they help people.