We encourage prospective members to join us at our biweekly meetings. For information on upcoming dates, click here.


  • Expand your professional network and exchange ideas

  • Take action in your community and abroad to create sustainable change

  • Develop your professional skills through leadership experience

  • Make new friends through the global community of Rotaract


All members must abide by the MSU Rotaract Constitution to be considered “in good standing” by the executive board and sponsoring Rotary International chapters.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Paying annual dues of $20 ($10 per semester)

  2. Attending 60% of annual meetings

  3. Abiding by the rules and regulations set forth by the Constitution and Process Manual

  4. Being an active and engaged member of Rotaract


In order to be inducted into Rotaract, members are expected to earn 100 points by the set induction date. Points are awarded as follows:

  • Community service:

    • 10 points/hour of service

    • Max 30 points per volunteer opportunity

  • Food drive:

    • 1 point/item

    • Max 5 points/meetings

  • Concessions work:

    • 10 points/hour

    • Max 30 points per volunteer opportunity

  • Meetings:

    • 5 points/meeting

  • Attending Rotary Club Meeting

    • 10 points/meeting

  • Attending and presenting at a Rotary Club Meeting

    • 20 points/meeting


 Each member is required to join one committee. Committees are permanent and available for reappointment each academic year.

Operation and Professional Development Committee

  • Responsible for speaker invitation, speaker accommodations, venue set-up and dinner/luncheon arrangement, networking opportunities, business site visits, and RI site visits.

Finance Committee

Social Media and Marketing Committee

  • Works to increase public exposure on and around campus through souvenirs, graphic design, event marketing and website maintenance.

Community Service and Philanthropy Committee

  • Organizes monthly, annual, or bi-annual community service projects, membership involvement in events, and coordinates with local Rotary Clubs.

fundraising committee

  • Coordinates with other committees to assess the amount of funding needed for annual projects. Organizes fundraising projects around campus, seeks scholarship contributions, and procures corporate and other sponsorship.

International services Committee

  • Responsible for presenting annual international service projects. Hosts voting process to decide annual international project and provides monthly updates regarding the project including: fundraising, planning, logistics, and developments.